NON-MEMBER E-Mail Subscriptions



Individuals who are NOT members of the Rockland County Chapter of NYSSPE are invited to subscribe to our Chapter News & Meetings e-mail distribution list.  These e-mails will keep you informed of our upcoming meeting schedule, chapter news, additional PDH opportunities beyond those offered by our own chapter, news items of interest to area engineers, etc. 


Chapter members are automatically subscribed to this distribution list upon joining our chapter.  If you are a chapter member, and use this form to subscribe, you will end up receiving duplicate e-mail announcements from our chapter.  If you are a member of the Rockland County Chapter, but do not receive our periodic e-mails, please be sure to add the domain to the "white" or "safe" list of any SPAM filter which may be monitoring your e-mails.  Please note that such filters may be installed on your own computer, on your corporate server, and/or may be activated by default by your e-mail service provider.  If you are unable to add an entire domain to your "white" or "safe" list, please be sure to add  If you still do not receive our e-mails after checking all possible SPAM filters for your account, please e-mail us at so that we can confirm that NSPE has you listed as a member of our local chapter.


Non-members should use this form to subscribe your e-mail address for our Chapter News & Meetings e-mail distribution list.  Please be assured that your e-mail address will not be used for any purpose other than distribution of Rockland County Chapter NYSSPE information as outline above, and that your e-mail address will not be provided to any 3rd parties.  Additionally, please note that you must reply to the confirmation message that will be automatically sent to you by our e-mail server upon submission of your subscription request.  If you do not reply to this message in accordance with the instructions which are listed therein, you will not be added to the requested subscription list.  If you do not receive a confirmation request message from our server, it is an indication that our e-mail message has been caught by a SPAM filter monitoring your account, in which case you will need to review the information regarding SPAM filters in the paragraph above.